Sticking With Your 2019 Business Goals

business goals

New year, new start, new business goals.

This is the January mantra of every young entrepreneur getting ready to start or grow their business. However, come June, many will look back at their ambitious goals with a sense of endearment and shrug them off. That’s what 2020 is for, right? Unfortunately, this behavioral pattern has a history of repeating itself year in and year out.

As a business owner, it can be easy to slip into the comfortable thoughts of having the whole year to accomplish your goals. But, the harsh reality is that 80% of us will fail to stick with our goals by the start of February. So, before we completely put our new year objectives on the back burner, here are some helpful guidelines to make 2019 the year of persistence, revolution and change.

How To Make & Achieve Your 2019 Business Goals

When we dream, we tend to dream big. That’s true for our personal and professional lives. When we do this, we create goals that just feel too big and too difficult to accomplish, because we don’t know where to start. But, when we dissect our goals into smaller steps, they all of a sudden feel more manageable and obtainable.

1 Always Be SMART About Your Goals

By SMART goals, we mean, make sure that your goals are the following:

  • Specific – What is your goal? Is it specific enough or is it too broad? What needs to be done for you to achieve your goal? Why do you want to reach your goal?
  • Measurable – How can you measure your progress? How will you know if you’re on track?
  • Attainable – Can your goal actually be achieved?
  • Realistic/relevant – Can you achieve your goal? Is the goal worth it?
  • Time – What’s your time frame for reaching your goal?

When you sit down and really think about your objectives in this way, it makes you think more intensely about setting goals that are attainable and realistic. We all would love to be the best in the world, but maybe you need to start with being the best in your suburb.

2 Create An Action Plan

…and look at it every damn day!

When you look at your goals, start with how? When you know the necessary steps to be taken, you are in a better position to accomplish what you need to do.

Detail the exact actions you need to take to reach that goal, what happens as you complete each of those steps, how you plan on tracking your progress, and more. The more detail you put into that action plan, the more mentally prepared you make yourself to achieve that goal.

3 Break It Down Even More

Once you have set your goals and established a path to meeting them, it may fill you with a false sense of reassurance. Like, you know what you need to do and you’ll get to it when you get to it. After which, you are in no better position than you were before you took steps one and two.

The most effective way for you to approach your 2019 business goals is by thinking of them as 12 separate goals that relate to an overall goal. Simply put, create 12 steps to accomplishing your objectives i.e. one for every month of the year.   

This is a great way to remain motivated, because each month will indicate that you are making progress towards your end goals. When you break your goals down, they lose the scare factor and seem much more manageable.

4 Track Your Progress Bi-Monthly

And how do you do that? Simple. Hold an accountability meeting with yourself.

I know the concept may sound a little too Eat. Pray. Love, but sitting down with yourself at the start and middle of each month will give you the opportunity to review whether you are on track with your objectives. This is an excellent motivator and helps you stay focused on what needs to be done.

This doesn’t need to be hours of reviewing, but it gives you an idea where you’re at, and it gives you the opportunity to make notes as you go along. And, if you are falling behind, it does mean you can make necessary changes.

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