5 Podcasts You Need To Stay Motivated

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Motivational speaker, John Rohn famously said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” And the beauty of the digital age is that these people do not have to be around you in the flesh to make an impact on your life. In a sea of online content and digital applications, we get to choose what we consume and who we bring into our lives virtually.

Arguably one of the best ways we can surround ourselves with positive role models is through self improvement podcasts. Whether you want to surround yourself with like-minded creatives, CEOs of big corporates or world-renowned life coaches, podcasts give you this opportunity.

While there are hundreds of thousands out there to choose from, these 7 are our go-to pods for staying motivated, focussed and productive.

1 The Tim Ferriss Show

Topping our charts (and many others) is The Tim Ferriss Show. It has been ranked #1 out of 500 000 podcasts on many occasions and was the first podcast to surpass 100,000,000 downloads.

Each episode is designed to deconstruct world-class performers in the respective industry. From Terry Cruz to Ray Dalio, from Maria Sharapova to Malcolm Gladwell, Tim has interviewed over 300 professionals with the objective of learning more about their routines, exercise habits and time-management tricks.

2 Simplify from Blinkist

This fresh and new podcast comes from the creators of one of our favourite reading applications, Blinkist. Simplify is aimed to help interview top performers and capture actionable nuggets of wisdom.

While this may sound a little too close to the realm of what Tim Ferriss covers, in our opinion, the interview does go a little more in-depth and gets a touch more personal with the interviewee.

And if you love listening to or reading books, check out Blinkist – a useful companion to the podcast lover, which summarizes the key takeaways of your favourite books.

3 Tony Robbins Podcast

Tony Robbins is, arguably, the most influential life coach and motivational speaker of our time having touched the lives of over 50 million people across the globe. His live shows have been famous for years so it only makes sense that his podcast would be just as successful.

In his podcast, Tony Robbins leaves no stone unturned in his revolutionary podcast about practical insights into health, finance, business, and relationships. Hosting the likes of Deepak Chopra, Dr Mark Hyman and Dave Asprey, Tony Robbins is turning his platform into one of the best self improvement podcasts of our time.

4 Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

Anything Oprah touches turns to gold – and her podcast is no different. In her Super Soul Conversations podcast, Oprah helps us awaken, discover and connect to the deeper meaning of the world around us.

Her podcast consists of personally selected interviews with renowned thought-leaders, best selling authors, motivational speakers, spiritual luminaries, health experts and more. All of her interviews are structured to provoke and guide you through life whilst bringing you one step closer to your best self.

5 The Daily Boost

The Daily Boost is for people aspiring to live a better life, but find themselves frustrated because they do not know what steps they need to get to where they need to be. Scott Smith is the host and helps listeners find clarity, create an actionable plan and get motivated.

Unlike many podcasts that are published weekly, the Daily Boost is available Monday to Friday making it the perfect choice for your morning dose of work motivation. Learn the tricks and techniques to become a bit more unstoppable everyday!

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