business goals

Sticking With Your 2019 Business Goals

New year, new start, new business goals. This is the January mantra of every young entrepreneur getting ready to start or grow their business. However, come June, many will...

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listening to podcasts

5 Podcasts You Need To Stay Motivated

Motivational speaker, John Rohn famously said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” And the beauty of the digital age is that...

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employee fatigue

Weary Workers? Improve Employee Output for the Last Quarter

Motivating people is difficult under the best of circumstances. But, motivating employees in the last quarter of the year feels damn near  impossible. While the company still has some...

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performance appraisal

The Trouble With Performance Appraisals In The New Age

Ahhh.. Good old performance appraisals. Employees and managers alike seem to dread the approaching performance appraisal deadline. We’ve all been through it. The tension, the stress, the anxiety of...

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Performance Reviews: Re-thinking How We Evaluate Employees

Today’s challenge: Have a discussion with each of your employees and ask them how they feel about annual performance reviews. Just by reading that sentence, you’re probably shifting uncomfortably...

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Is The Boardroom Dead?

It certainly is becoming more of a bored room than the productive work space it once used to be. As leaders of teams of brilliant minds, we need to...

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Meeting With a Purpose: Preparing For Fast & Effective Sessions

We’ve all been there; your boss calls a meeting that puts everyone half to sleep with his lack of direction. Rambling on and on about nonsensical things that have...

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content curation

Content Creation vs Content Curation

  How can SME’s (small to medium-sized enterprises) cut through the noise by carving out an excellent slice of content for their niche? Since the dawn of the Internet,...

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Own Your Niche: Write Like a Boss

Here’s the thing: you’re not a born writer. You know everything there is to know about your industry, but “owning your niche” in the virtual world has you dumbfounded....

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