Own Your Niche: Write Like a Boss

Here’s the thing: you’re not a born writer.

You know everything there is to know about your industry, but “owning your niche” in the virtual world has you dumbfounded. When you sit down to put proverbial pen to paper, you freeze and shrug it off. Actually, you’d rather check out the Daily Deals on Takealot (you’re secretly hoping the Nutribullet is on sale).

The problem with not creating content is that we are living in an age where consumers are looking for thought leaders. 77% of Internet users read blogs regularly, making this an excellent way to get your audience’s attention. After all, 70% of people prefer learning about a company through an article than an ad.

Starting to see the importance content plays in your sales?

It’s time to pull up your frilly socks and claim the title as premier publisher of industry related content. Here is our guideline to creating kickass copy that sells.

1 Know Who You’re Writing To

You have to walk a mile in your consumers’ shoes to understand them, know what motivates them, where they hang out and how they like their eggs.

What are their interests and pet peeves? Knowing little details makes your content less blah and more oooh.

Do your research and create the perfect buyer persona. Are you talking to Jenny, aged 58, who’s recently divorced and interested in Tai Chi? That’s awesome; it’s your objective to create content tailored for her.

2 Be Current, Stay Current

Want to be top of your field? Read industry related news every damn day. The more you know, the more capable you are of understanding your consumer, and creating valuable content that offers solutions to their problems.

And don’t stop there. The best content creators are curious, and investigate subjects that their audiences care about. Learn from others, and connect the dots to understand how you can enrich your audiences’ lives even more.

3 Write Like A Pro

If you’re not a professional copywriter, you have to do some work to get so close no-one can tell the difference. The internet is a plethora of information on every possible subject. Sites like Lynda.com, Skillshare and Udemy are great platforms that can teach you how to write fabulous copy.

The more you write, the easier it’ll be to let your voice shine through. Copywriting is not about perfect grammar and using big words. It’s about communicating your idea in the most natural way possible. Use industry related jargon, but don’t drown your piece in it – unless your audience is rocket scientists.

4 It’s Not Me, It’s You

“I love reading content all about you”, said no-one EVER.

Don’t love yourself so much it borders on obnoxiousness. If you create content revolving only around you, you’ve given your audience a one-way ticket to Snooze Town.

Make it about them. Help them.

When you start talking about yourself, you’ve lost a golden opportunity to prove that you understand your audience and can help them solve their challenges.

5 Justify And Quote Smart People

Just because you are trying to be the thought leader in your field doesn’t give you permission to make sweeping statements. Reference your studies, statistics and publications.

Plus, by associating your content with smart people, you are transferring their knowledge to your content, and ultimately your brand. This showers your content with an extra layer of authenticity.

For example: Good journalists know that they must interview eyewitnesses, authors or professionals to get the best story. This is no different when writing great articles – you have to consult other professionals and stand by them.

Knowing the importance of good content, it’s hard not to be a little stressed about creating it.

The best piece of advice we can give is to “think like a prospect”. Do this and you’ll put yourself in the best position to create something special.

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