We are small business growth specialists.

Providing our clients with the support they need to build their dreams, at a price they can afford.

Consulting Services

We offer affordable, specialist consultation packages that focus on both strategic planning and professional execution. We engage with internal and external research, facilitating change management, and assisting you with marketing and branding. We have a team of experts in finance, psychometry, training and information systems to ensure that all your business growth needs are met.

Business & Marketing Research

Before you can have the right answers, you have to ask the right questions. Our team is experienced and qualified in crafting business and market research campaigns that will help you make informed decisions about growth, strategy, organisational climate and market reach. Our services cover research project management, survey design, focus groups, interviews, data analysis and reporting. We make research accessible, affordable, simple and relevant for realistic business outcomes.


{native: Esperanto c. 1887}

noun: value

Our name comes from a language that was designed to improve global business by helping people communicate; today Esperanto is the most widely spoken constructed language in the world.

Communication is what creates, builds and sustains relationships. It can bring people together, or drive them apart. It can build nations, or start wars. It can encourage and build people up, or it can crush and break them down.

At Valoro, we seek to create a value-adding language for your business that will connect you with the people who will ensure the success of your business. We strive to create value for you in order to create long-term mutually beneficial partnerships.

Our core team.

The psychologist and the marketer walk into a bar...

Chelsey Pienaar

Wearer of many hats

Having a strong passion for business improvement and change management, Chelsey has dedicated over 8 years to learning, teaching, and practicing theories of work and change.

She has consulted in change management and business research across corporates and SME's in South Africa, United States, Canada and Australia. Industries have ranged across Finance, Construction, Education, Marketing, Information Systems and Project Management.

With Honour's and Master's degrees in Business Science, and Change Management, Chelsey has been well equipped with business research techniques. Her work has been presented at the international ICAP conference in Paris, France, and she has been contributor to various published articles, books and textbooks.

Let's hustle.

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